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Cotton Tote Bag (long handles) Color: White
31.50 AED 31.50 AED 31.5 AED
Cotton Tote Bag (long handles)
Color: White
Printed AUS logo
Vacuum insulated cork base coffee mug 180ml - Black
63.00 AED 63.00 AED 63.0 AED
Vacuum insulated cork coffee mug with unique cork detail. 304 SS inside and 201SS outside.
Keeps your drinks hot for up to 5h and cold up to 15h.
Fits most coffee machines.
Content: 180ml.
Engraved AUS logo
AUS Reusable Wheatstraw Mug - 380ml
24.15 AED 24.15 AED 24.150000000000002 AED
Coffee mug that is made from wheatstraw fibre. It is ecofriendly, reusable & highly durable. The silicon grip helps hold the cup conveniently when the drink is hot. Dishwasher safe.
Content: 380ml
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